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The Japan Foundation’s annual touring film programme returns to QUAD in February with an enlightening showcase of Japanese cinema with a theme of ‘Love’. The season, entitled ‘People Still Call It Love: Passion, Affection and Destruction in Japanese Cinema’ includes eleven films which will be shown in QUAD over the weekend of 8th to 10th of February. 

The selection of eleven films includes recent releases, anime and classic films. They look at how the theme of love has remained an inspirational source for the country’s filmmakers as well as to mirror the society they live in, telling stories with different voices. Films are screened in Japanese with English subtitles.

The films are:

Tremble All You Want follows a young office worker who has a secret crush on her former junior high school classmate, but then is asked out by her work colleague. She decides to throw a reunion party so she can see the classmate again and is then faced with a choice, dreams verses reality. Tremble All You Want (Advised 12A) screens at QUAD on Friday 8th February at 6:15pm.

My Friend “A” Masuda is a previously successful journalist, but after one of his articles unexpectantly causestragedy, he ends up working at a factory. When he suspects his colleague of being a convicted murderer who killed three children, he sees a way back into the world of journalism. A carefully constructed picture about responsibility and guilt. My Friend “A” (Advised 18) screens at QUAD on Friday 8th February at 8:40pm.

Where The Chimneys Are Seen from 1953 is a rare opportunity to see Heinosuke Gosho’s masterpiece of post-war marriage and family life on 35 mm film. Ryukichi and Hiroko are married and desperately poor. When Hiroko takes on a part time job, Ryukichi starts to think that his wife is hiding something, so he starts to investigate what happened to Hiroko’s former husband who died during WWII. Where The Chimneys Are Seen (Advised 12A) screens at QUAD on Saturday 9th February at 11:00am.

Thicker Than Water is a drama about a love-hate relationship between two pairs of siblings. Kazunari, who is thoughtful and diligent, and his older brother Takuji, a violent troublemaker who moves in with Kazunari after he is released from jail. Meanwhile, Yuria is clever but plain compared to her pretty little sister Mako. Yuria has fallen for Kazunari, and trouble brews when Mako and Kazunari start to date. Thicker Than Water (Advised 15) screens at QUAD on Saturday 9th February at 1:30pm

Dad’s Lunch Box is based on a true story, as a newly divorced dad started preparing his teenage daughter’s lunchbox with no previous cooking experience. At first his attempts are met with scorn, but through trial and error the cooking brings them closer together. This true story broke on Twitter and was retweeted 80,000 times. Dad’s Lunch Box (Advised PG) screens at QUAD on Saturday 9th February at 4:15pm.

Destiny: The Tale Of Kamakura is about a woman who moves to a new town after marrying a mystery-writer.Settling into her new life, her strolls about town bring her into contact with all sorts of fantastical creatures. But one morning she disappears leaving her husband to embark on a journey to the Underworld to bring her home. Destiny: The Tale Of Kamakura (Advised PG) screens at QUAD on Saturday 9th February at 6:25pm.

The Scythian Lamb follows six people who move to the declining seaport of Uobuka, where a city official is shocked to find out they are all former murder suspects. Before long an uneasiness begins to creep over the quiet city. The Scythian Lamb (Advised 15) screens at QUAD on Saturday 9th February at 9:00pm.

Her Love Boils Bathwater is the story of a single mother who receives a diagnosis of a terminal illness, so she aims to use the brief amount of time she has left to bring back her husband, restart the family’s bathhouse business and set her daughter on the path to independence. Her Love Boils Bathwater (Advised 12A) screens at QUAD on Sunday 10th February at 1:25pm.

Tonight, At The Movies is set in 1960s where an aspiring young director spends his days at his favourite theatre watching old black and white films, particularly infatuated with a character ‘Princess Miyuki’. One day lighting strikes the theatre and the princess steps from the screen into Kenji’s world… A heart-warming love letter to the movies. Tonight, At The Movies (Advised 12A) screens at QUAD on Sunday 10th February at 4:00pm.

Penguin Highway is a brand new anime getting its first UK screenings. A young boy investigates the mysterious reason behind the sudden appearance of penguins in his village, which is somehow related to a power from a young woman working at a dental clinic. Penguin Highway (Advised 12A) screens at QUAD on Sunday 10th February at 6:35pm

Yurigokoro is set when a diary is discovered in the study of a dying father. Within its pages is a passage confessing to a murder in the past. Is it fact or fiction? Yurigokoro (Advised 18) screens at QUAD on Sunday 10th February at 9:00pm

Regular ticket prices are £9.50 or £7.00 concessions, there is a special pass available for entrance to all eleven screenings in the season for £50, £45 concessions or just £35 for those aged 16-25 years.

The films can be booked online or from QUAD Box Office on 01332 290606.  


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