PICTURED: Artwork by Megan Braodmeadow

QUAD has a selection of events to tie in with its summer exhibitions.

The events include Talks, Tours and Late-night openings, a Conspiracy Club and also Instagram Live tours which can be followed online.

The events accompany three new exhibitions currently in QUAD. 

SEEK PRAY ADVANCE: Episode 3 – Operation Starlight is an exhibition by artist Megan Broadmeadow, which is based on real-life testimonies from those who have purportedly had encounters with beings from other worlds, dimensions and realms, across multiple periods in history.

In QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces, Made/Unmade is a group show of mixed-media works by East/West Midlands based artists in response to an open call that queried how we as a species affect the world around us, and how that world in turn affects us.

Home-Grown 2019 showcases digital and traditional photography from Derby’s schools and young people, including local schools St Martins School, Horizons Sixth Form, St Clare’s School, Derby Moor Academy, Da Vinci Academy, The William Allitt School, plus work by #ThisIsDerby web Team.

IMAGE: One of the pieces of artwork from the Made/Unmade exhibition (Betsy Bradley)

Inspired by themes and ideas that can be found in Megan Broadmeadow’s exhibition, Conspiracy Club are a series of discussion groups exploring conspiracy theories, new and old forms of spirituality, belief in the end of the world and all points in between. Led by Andrew F. Wilson, senior lecturer in Sociology, University of Derby, Conspiracy Club takes place in QUAD on Wednesdays July 24, August 21 and September 18 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, the events are free and no prior knowledge is needed.

Artist Talks, Late Night, Instagram Live and Gallery Tours

Late Night Gallery Exhibition Tours take place on Thursday 25th July from 5:00pm, with QUAD Programme Assistant Laura O’Leary; with a guest speaker on August 22 from 5:00pm and with QUAD Senior Curator Peter Bonnell on September 26 from 5:00pm. The Gallery is open until 9:00pm on the late nights and entrance is free.

For QUAD’s Instagram Live Tours, join the Instagram Live feature on the @derbyquad account to join our Tour ofMade/Unmade, led by Laura O’Leary on Wednesday August 7 from 1:00pm to 1:30pm.

An Instagram Live Tour of SEEK PRAYADVANCE led by Peter Bonnell will be live on Wednesday 4th September 4 from 1:00pm to 1:30pm.

Artist Megan Broadmeadow will lead an Artist Talk to discuss her work SEEK PRAY ADVANCE in QUAD Gallery on Monday August 19 from 7:00pm, the event is free.

Finally, Laura O’Leary will lead a free Gallery Tour of SEEK PRAY ADVANCE followed by a tour of Made/Unmade on Saturday, September 28 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

SEEK PRAY ADVANCE: Episode 3 – Operation StarlightMade/Unmade and Home-Grown are on display in QUAD until September 29, 2019. The exhibitions are free to visit.

For more information, call QUAD on 01332 290606 or see: https://www.derbyquad.co.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/megan-broadmeadow-seek-pray-advance


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